Part 1 – The Bibles BIG Events – The parting of the Red sea by God through Moses about these BIG events in the Bible? Is there Evidence concerning these events from Science, Archeology, or History?
The parting of the sea by Moses (Exodus 14:21-31)

There is in fact a stretch of land across part of the red sea, that in a storm or great wind, could be walked across years ago, when the water levels were lower. 
This illustration shows how a strong wind from the east, ALL NIGHT AND DAY could push back waters from two ancient basins — a lagoon (left) and a river (right) — to create a land bridge. New research that such a physical process could have led to a parting of waters AS IN the description in the biblical account of the Red Sea. 
Credit: Illustration by Nicolle Rager Fuller

I am under no illusions here, no matter how good this evidence is the skeptical mind cannot comprehend it without FIRST accepting the Faith of God that they so deny!

They have found these chariot wheels and bones at the bottom, to many to post all here but the point is they are there and numerous. bone, one of many found at the crossing site (above centre). This one tested by the Department of Osteology at Stockholm University , was found to be a human femur, from the right leg of a 165-170cm tall man. It is essentially ‘fossilized, ‘ i.e., replaced by minerals and coral, hence cannot be dated by radiocarbon methods, although this specimen was obviously from antiquity. Chariot wheel and axle covered with coral and up-ended. Exodus 14:25 ‘And took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily…’

Solomon’s memorial pillars.
When Ron Wyatt first visited Nuweiba in 1978, he found a Phoenician style column lying in the water. Unfortunately the inscriptions had been eroded away, hence the column’s importance was not understood until 1984 when a second granite column was found on the Saudi coastline opposite — identical to the first, except on this one the inscription was still intact!

In Phoenician letters (Archaic Hebrew), it contained the words: Mizraim (Egypt ); Solomon; Edom; death; Pharaoh; Moses; and Yahweh, indicating that King Solomon had set up these columns as a memorial to the miracle of the crossing of the sea. 
Saudi Arabia does not admit tourists, and perhaps fearing unauthorized visitors, the Saudi Authorities have since removed this column, and replaced it with a flag marker where it once stood. How deep is the water? The Gulf of Aqabais is very deep, in places over a mile (1,600m) deep. Even with the sea dried up, walking across would be difficult due to the steep grade down the sides. But there is one spot where, if the water were removed, it would be an easy descent for people and animals. This is the line between Nuweiba and the opposite shore in Saudi Arabia . expeditions have revealed a smooth, gentle slope descending from Nuweiba out into the Gulf. This shows up almost like a pathway on depth-recording equipment, confirming it’s Biblical description, ‘ . . . a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters’ (Isaiah 43:16). The Bible writers frequently refer to the miracle of the Red Sea crossing, for it was an event which finds no equal in history. The Hebrew prophets describe the sea at the crossing site as ‘ . . . the waters of the great deep… the depths of the sea…’ (Isaiah 51:10).

Knowing the exact spot to which the Bible writers were referring, what is the depth there? The distance between Nuweiba and where artefacts have been found on Saudi coast is about 18km (11 miles).


Along this line, the deepest point is about 800m (2,600 feet). No wonder that Inspired writers of the Bible described it as the mighty waters. And no wonder that not a single Egyptian survived when the water collapsed in upon them. (Above right NUWEIBA BEACH- the spot where the crossing began).

How were the Pyramids Built?

What about the Ark of the Covenant?

The Exodus account describes Moses and the fleeing Israelites trapped between the Pharaoh’s chariots and a body of water that has been variously translated as the Red Sea or the Sea of Reeds.
In a divine miracle, the account continues, a mighty east wind blows all night, splitting the waters and leaving a passage of dry land with walls of water on both sides. 
The Israelites are able to flee to the other shore. But when the Pharaoh’s army attempts to pursue them in the morning, the waters rush back and drown the soldiers.
1) Parted after the wind which started when Moses raised his staff.

2) The water overflowed the Egyptians (14:28), but did not overflow the Israelites, who were still in the basin(14:29).

3) The waters returned when Moses raised his staff again.

These events make it impossible for this to have been a natural occurrence, as the word for parted is the Hebrew word ‘Congealed’ in the Midst of the sea’ FROZEN SALT WATER SHEER CLIFFS were formed on ether side of the Israelite’s. Exodus: ByFaith – In Search of the Exodus. The Quest to find the Evidence for Joseph, Moses and Ancient Israel in Egypt. Plus the Red Sea and Mount Sinai 
The problem with Atheist’s is not evidence but enough evidence to convince them, which cannot happen because of a LACK of Biblical Faith containing the seed of Proof from God. No matter what they see, feel, or hear they will always explain it away as something else

More Answers to come in this series:

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The reversal of the sun’s course by Isaiah (Isaiah 38:7-8)

The feeding of thousands of people by Jesus using only five loaves of bread and two fishes (Mark 6:34-44; see also the parallel accounts in Matthew 14:14-21, Luke 9:12-17, and John 6:1-14)
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