“Woke”? Or “Awake”? Do you know the difference? And why does it matter? PART 1 in a series PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this Blog!

“War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.”

― George Orwell, 1984

What is Woke-ism?

According to the Left it’s “a state of being awareespecially of social problems such as racism and inequality.”

But it would seem that this definition is lacking a proper context of its actual meaning apart from liberal fantasies of reality!

This seems to express what Woke really means in a simple form: Woke people have their Identities in a made-up reality that IS NOT rooted in fact.

It is wholly based in their ignorance of whatever it is their woke over.

So its clear that if you want to actually KNOW the truth about anything that matters in life you must STOP trying to get validation for made-up realities and accept actual truths that are backed up by fact.

I know that wasn’t what your Collage classes taught you but their realities were made-up Marxist nonsense meant to make you into the idiot you became (This is for all the Libtards out there that thought what you learned was real)!

Think about it for a moment you went through your entire life KNOWING certain things that required no external validation to know they were true, that’s true for anything in life, FACT doesn’t require your belief to exist it simply is what it is with or without you.

Agendas on the other hand don’t require facts to be believed that’s why their dangerous to society there are no “Checks and Balances” to making stuff up its all made-up on the fly as an agenda progresses, THAT alone should have set off alarms in your liberal head but it didn’t did it?

Wokeness, which is what you have a bad case of is nothing more than simple Self-righteousness masquerading as enlightenment, it’s a dream reality pretending to have knowledge about life that actually isn’t a thing in the first place! Shameful really if you think about it but no one ever accused Liberals of being deep thinkers.

You see tyrannies happen because of thoughtlessness on the part of those to stupid to know they were useful idiots in the beginning stages of a coup to overthrow a people, place or thing of some leaders choosing. Doesn’t matter your part in the coup just that you were a puppet being used.


Watch the above video and learn the whole truth concerning WHY things are happening the way they are, because knowing the times and seasons is a biblical way to get awakened to reality that is being hidden by “Smoke and Mirrors”! The phrase “Whatever’s Woke turns to S*IT” is more than an insult to stupid people it’s a FACT and it’s happening all around us only proving how dumb this generation of “Useful Idiots” became!

As can be understood from the above videos our entire world has been planned ahead through “smoke and mirror” technology of “Tell-A-Vision” Fake News even through radio signals at certain frequencies used to control mankind’s belief about his world, why you might ask does Satan do these things? While that question has many deep answers it is quite simply answered by saying He is cursed, bound to a physical cage called earth but he is at the same time a fallen spiritual being and in order to TAKE FROM MAN HIS DOMINION OVER THIS PLANET given to him by God he must make giving that power over to him an alluring preposition. Man was created to get dominion not to relinquish it!

So to make us give it up our rights from God without a fight he must DECEIVE us into believing we are instead taking dominion of something new, (U.F.O’s, Altered States of mind, Out of Body experiences etc.) we are made to believe we are in control, we are explorers of other universes, other realities when in fact we are being lead to slaughter risking our eternal soul and the World’s existence for nothing in return! “Go Woke Go Broke” that’s another TRUE SAYING but being deceived it goes unheeded and in the end self-fulfilled so you see it’s only a matter of time before WOKEISM destroys the very thing THEY think their saving.

Wokeness puts you under a spell, distracting you from the actual evil going on around you. It keeps your mind busy while they steal your life from under you for “your own good” of course! But once your awake to their deception reality looks much different than before!

Those who control the World we live in have literally captured our minds with nonsense that doesn’t pass muster, it’s illogical, it’s unreasonable behavior masquerading as knowledge, as daily existence.

But is it really what life was meant to be like?

Once we awaken to the real facts life takes on new meaning and their control over our minds is broken!

While the movies are fiction they reveal truth that is hidden from the majority of us, we are literally imprisoned in the New World Orders illusion of freedom, and liberty at a price. What’s the price? Security that never ever can be attained because that is their hook to get you to give up more freedom later!

We must as a Nation awaken to our own takeover by foreign powers, we are being owned and operated by outside forces and Interdimensional BEINGS known biblically as the powers of the air!

Satan has masterfully planned his takeover of America by training his followers how to do it the only problem is he started DECADES AGO before most of us were born to do it, we’ve been sleeping in the Matrix worried about “Me, Myself and I” while the world was being prepared as kindling for Satan’s final move!

Wanna know why Satan’s little coup will fail? Because Satan in his PRIDE and arrogance has overplayed his hand this time, he’s not in God’s timing, it’s too soon for what he wants to happen too happen BUT GOD IS USING HIS MISTAKE TO AWAKEN THE WORLD TO HIS PLANS!

Watch the Videos below at your leisure BUT PLEASE SHARE THEM FAR AND WIDE, much deception is flying around this info so it’s important others know the truth about exactly what’s going on prophetically speaking.

The Church has been lied to about God’s Revelation for decades now and Satan was happy to play it up, it’s now up to you to gain wisdom open your heart and mind….to wake up!

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”

― Abraham Lincoln, Complete Works – Volume XII

The BACKWARDS truth!

Did we not hear from Q multiple times during the course of this STING OPPERATION the Deep State walked into so wonderfully that we were to “Think Mirror” many times when we thought things were on e way and it turned out to mean the exact opposite?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f2dcba No. 2770339 

“Stay LOCAL (U.S.) GLOBAL = reflection of LOCAL. THINK MIRROR. Know your enemy. “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” Knowledge is POWER.”


!UW.yye1fxo ID: 472124 No. 275544 

These people are EVIL. Still don’t believe you are SHEEP to them? 20/20 coming. PUBLIC is VITAL. RELEASE of INFO VITAL. OUTRAGE. JUSTICE. Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH? FOLLOW THE LIGHT.”


Well it turns out we missed an OBVIOUS MIRROR IMAGE right in front of us all along and it explains a lot about how stubborn and think headed the Left is about wanting our Military and our Citizens to get the JABB of death. I’m not saying however that anyone who got it is possessed but…. the possibility of it still remains if your just “Woke” and not Awake to the truth!

This truth in the name your about to see is staggering if you know about Satan’s affinity for “Backwards Masking” used in the Music industry to say thing backwards while saying something else forwards, regardless of the excuse it was just a gimmick for the bands optics. As a former Black Witch I can say speaking Backwards, writing Backwards isn’t a gimmick it’s done to mock God, to cast darkness secretly without others knowing it.

Everything Satan does is ALWAYS TO MOCK GOD’S CREATION twist and pervert truth or facts, he cannot help being dark and secretive because his nature is just that. Remember once God the Father CAST HIM AS LIGHTNING FROM HEAVEN he completely lost his Angelic nature as a worship leader in heaven, his abilities of Musical instrument before the throne room on the Stones of fire ENDED and from that point all he knew about the Father was limited to yesterday’s news. He lost his updated knowledge of God’s heart he is LITERALLY PLAYING A GUESSING GAME ABOUT GOD’S TIMELINES.

So here’s the revelation of the word “COVID” and the Number 19, this is all we’ve heard about since Jan of 2020 is “Covid 19” but have you paid attention to it as “Q” revealed to us about it’s mirroring effect, what has Satan slipped in as his trick here? Did the dark lord hide a tidbit of deception in its designing?

Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase, for the substrate and enzyme, respectively.

PDB 1vpr EBI.jpg
Dinoflagellate Luciferase catalytic domain: crystal structure of a luciferase domain from the dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedrum

So now this brings us to another point that we might not have noticed unless we knew of Satan’s proclivity to over play his hand in PUSHING GOD’S TIMELINE ahead of schedule all the time. He wants his “MARK” out there so badly that he pushes it’s shadow or impresses it’s possibility to see who’s dumb enough to take it ahead of its actual presentation he’s actually been doing this for centuries to test the waters for that time that GOD RELEASES HIM TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK but ITS NOT NOW!

So “Covid” what does it say….. BACKWARDS? IT’S ACTUALLY THE WORD “DIVOC” and plays right into his kind of dark agenda for the world!

Look at the meaning from this alone, its so obvious that the roll out that’s killed hundreds in India by previous Vaccines was inspired by devil’s!

DIVOC is an open source project created in India to help rapid rollout of digital credentials for vaccination programs, manage core registries to support vaccination credentialing, and optionally collect post vaccination feedback from citizens.

Divoc is a term derived from the Hebrew word ‘dybbuk’, which is an evil spirit capable of possessing other creatures, and it’s believed to be the suffering soul of the dead. The dybbuk is the soul of an evil person (ACUALLY SIMPLY A DEMON) who’s soul wants to evade the punishment and tries to stay on this dimension by possessing another body. ( ACTUALLY DEMONS AND SATAN HIMSELF ARE BOUND IN THIS FLESH WORLD UNTIL GOD RELEASES THEM TO THEIR FINAL PLACE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE) This exactly why he’s so angry and out of his mind with rage, they DON’T want to go to the lake of fire their trying hard to defeat God’s plan BUT CANNOT!

Dybbuks are believed to posses poorly evolved creatures.

Etymology: Dybbuk, comes from the Hebrew word evil דִּיבּוּק‎ dibbūq which means ‘the act of sticking’ and is a nominal form derived from the verb דָּבַק‎ dāḇaq ‘to adhere’ or ‘cling’.

Number 19 is an extraordinary number. In ancient times, it was known as the ‘Number of Surrender’. How great is it that the name goes so well with its backward meaning? YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS CRAP UP IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, its literally in the open! In fact the LATIN form of DIVOC means to break up, to tear down, tear asunder, To disrupt, to tear away, tear open, tear apart, tear to pieces, tear in two. This certainly matches what the JABB causes to happen in our bodies even to the manipulation of what makes us human… OUR D.N.A.!

This is all just so simple the whole thing was to change or pervert what God intends for humanity and all the idiot sheep doing his bidding are slitting their own throat’s because they contrary to Satan’s lies will be his victims in the end!

How much is divoc in Gematria ?

Is A Prophecy76681013574410
Covid 197663185320733
Sag Dragon Year7668101357886
Read The Transcript76611941996283
The Manifestation Of
Interesting? No?

The real truth here is NO MATTER what or how the enemy of our souls try’s to deceive or manipulate the world GOD is far smarter, far more powerful and by any measurement HIS PLAN has outsmarted it all, healing for the world is just around the corner. In future posts I’ll look more deeply into methods to reverse the damage this is doing for those who TRUST GOD COMPLETELY by faith, sometimes the answers are built into the problem!

Is it a Vaccination or is it an Experimental Biological Agent?

What do you actually know about WHAT’S INSIDE THEM? For most you don’t know and most are simply sheep following their masters to the slaughter…… yes I said sheep, why do I call you sheep, well its really very simple over the decades the Deep state players have BRAINWASHED the majority of the World population into a box called “Personal Selfishness” you don’t care what happens around you, it’s only about your personal space sometimes that includes your loved ones but in most cases whenever it comes down to comfort it’s simply about YOU!

What do I mean by “Personal Selfishness”?

If you choose your comfort in place of STANDING UP for your own freedom because its SAFE for you AT THE EXPENSE of all else YOUR A SHEEP!

I bring this up because those who love you really do suffer from or are BLESSED in connection to your decisions in your life, you cannot escape touching others for GOOD or for EVIL. Satan knows this is a “Spiritual Law” that is immutable in the universe “For EVERY action there is AN EQUAL and opposite REACTION to it!” it’s a law of the physical universe that if you do EVIL EVIL will return in kind but if you LOVE LOVE will come back in kind. This is the biblical Law of reciprocity, SOWING AND REAPING if you plant selfishness you won’t get unity you’ll reap selfishness in return!

You might be asking yourself what does this have to do with the “Shoot”? Well think for a moment HOW the deep State is advertising this shoot, why are they promoting it through totally “Selfish means” giving you gifts, money, vacations? Think this through for once in your life and STOP accepting things without thought. The thought is this: why IF this Vaxx is what they say it is do they have too use a carrot do you in your lifetime ever remember the Government tangling offers to get a shoot before???? This is unprecedented in history so why are they ALL OF A SUDDEN giving a crap about those they have such distain for for decades now?

This ALONE should make you think!

Anil Sinha Quote: "Every action has equal and opposite ...

No one likes too admit it. We are only in control of what we can control and NOTHING more than that, it’s 100% proven and we don’t like being out of control but knowing that this is true and mentality getting it into our life are two different things altogether so we try to control others and our environment becomes an energy drain on us. Thinking we can control it deceives us into misunderstanding the battle we’re in. This time the war is where it’s never been perceived to have been before IT’S WITHIN OUR FAMILIES, OUR TOWNS, OUR LOCAL POLITICS. It’s no longer possible for us to be CIVILLIANS OUTSIDE THE WAR watching it on T.V. we are the Soldiers now and we’re waking up in the middle of a war we didn’t know was being waged all along because we’ve always believed that’s what others do by going into military service and yes that’s true but the veil of theory has fallen now and we can finally see for the first time that this War has always existed and was being fought by others in our place…. NOW WE ARE BOTH THE NEWS AND THE FIGHTERS DEFENDING OUR NATION!

So let’s first have our eyes opened to the real truth behind the VAXX without knowing the hidden info we have no way to fight against it… do we?

Satan has ALWAYS hated Human beings created in God’s image because WE took the place of his job in heaven to worship God. He’s jealous in a raging hatred and has a VERY short window to do what he’s done for centuries now. Its now God’s turn to overturn wicked plans with HIS PLAN! The STORM has begun!

Now you can understand the level of evil these guys are capable of. But now your angry, confused and feeling hopeless, right? Well that’s normal under normal conditions but these are not normal conditions they have created a huge mess trying to catch up from their Trump beat down for four years, it set them back many years.


If this is all true what do we do IF our loved ones have manifested stupid decisions concerning these injections? Are their ways to reverse or mitigate the effects once the shoot begins its destructive course?

Buy elite shungite stone 10-30mm retail and wholesale ...

Now please understand that SATAN has known about these cures of vibration and frequencies because he was God’s previously perfect creation therefore it was his previous knowledge of God’s original creation that he was going to PERVERT AND TWIST with his false religions! Satan cannot create he’s a limited being since his great fall from grace BUT HE DID NOT LOSE HIS BRAINS, he is smarter than we are. WE throw out the baby with the bath water rather than accept ANY PART of anything we’re taught is cultic or crazy and in doing so we limit God giving us ways to be better than we are.

Research Articles On Fullerenes and Shungite

EMF Protection – Source: National Institutes Of Health – PubMed.gov

“We studied the effect of nonthermal 37-GHz radiation on hemopoiesis in schungite-shielded Wistar rats. Radiation with right-handed or left-handed rotation of the polarization plane of electromagnetic wave was used. Shielding with schungite decreased the severity of damage produced by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.”

Shungite’s Fullerene Compounds knock out virus infections like HIV and HSV

Scientists from the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology and the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of RAS in collaboration with researchers from four other Russian and foreign research centers have discovered a new reaction that helps obtain water-soluble fullerene derivatives which effectively combat flu viruses, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), herpes simplex virus (HSV), and cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Shungite: The Meaning, History, and Uses of the Karelian Stone

Deriving its name from the village of Shunga, shungite is a 2-billion-year-old stone found primarily in the Russian region of Karelia. It has appeared in the history of Russia in the form of natural springs that were known for its healing properties.

Rats Given Fullerenes Nearly Double Lifespan

Here we show that oral administration of C60 dissolved in olive oil (0.8 mg/ml) at reiterated doses (1.7 mg/kg of body weight) to rats not only does not entail chronic toxicity but it almost doubles their lifespan

1996 Nobel Prize In Chemistry For Discovery Of Fullerene Molecule

… for chemists the proposed structure was uniquely beautiful and satisfying. It corresponds to an aromatic, three-dimensional system in which single and double bonds alternated, and was thus of great theoretical significance. Here, moreover, was an entirely new example from a different research tradition with roots in organic chemistry: producing highly symmetrical molecules so as to study their properties.

The reason I’m putting this here is so you can be certain that the Science and the ideas expressed are from a pure motive on my part I own some but I am in no way attached to any producer of the stones, do your own digging and prove it for yourself.

My thought in viewing this was if this stone can totally turn a harmful radiation into a better life expectancy for lab rats why couldn’t it help against this Bio-weapon injection in the long term? Just a thought I am going for full bore!


Does your Church teach this garbage? If it does….. RUN as fast as you can, don’t be deceived by its false SONG of pride!

WHAT IS IT? Replacement theology is the teaching that the Christian church has replaced national Israel regarding the plan, purpose, and promises of God, IN OTHER WORDS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER the one who CANNOT change, whose WORD we all trust above all other voices has suddenly become a LIAR breaking his promises to Israel, twisting his meaning to fit a NEW AGE!

If you believe that God would ever alter his word just to fit into an age as evil and twisted as this one then your god is really Satan not the Heavenly Father who PROMISED Abraham …….

Genesis 22:16-18 Jubilee Bible 2000

16 and said, By myself I have sworn, said the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son;

17 that in blessing I will bless thee and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gates of his enemies;

18 and in thy seed shall all the Gentiles of the earth be blessed because thou hast hearkened unto my voice.

Now in order for THIS WORD to be true then the promise made MUST happen as intended, keep in mind that there are NO STATEMENTS OF “Only IF Israel STAYS IN MY WORDS” here, YES it is true that God requires obedience to his word in order to be blessed, YES this is TRUE FOR ALL but in the case of this promise to Abraham its missing from the text. Why is this true? Think about it! God’s statement here unlike anywhere else begins with “BY MYSELF” meaning I have put myself between ME and YOU as the guaranteed fulfillment of the promise I’m making. God CANNOT EVER CHANGE THIS ARRANGMENT because HE himself is its GUARENTEE.

guar•an•tee găr″ən-tē′

  1. n.Something that assures a particular outcome or condition.
  2. n.A promise or assurance, especially one given in writing, that attests to the quality or durability of a product or service. a promise or assurance, especially one in writing, that something is of specified quality, content, benefit, etc., or that it will perform satisfactorily for a given length of time: a money-back guarantee. an assurance that another’s obligation will be fulfilled, or something presented as such security.

The phrase in this meaning…..

Modern Israel is NOT really of Israel just as the Bible plainly teaches us, that however DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE IS NO REAL ISRAEL only God knows his own by name and HE ALONE WILL CALL THEM TO HIMSELF!

The Edomite-Khazar connection

In the first millennium AD we find a large-scale migration of Edomites and Canaanites into the Khazaria region, who then mixed themselves with the native inhabitants:

Hasdai ibn Shaprut, who was foreign minister to Abd-al-Rahman, Sultan of Cordova, in his letter to King Joseph of the Chazars (about 960 AD) … speaks of the tradition according to which the Chazars once dwelt near the Seir Mountains [The ‘Seir Mountains’ are none other than the original land of Esau-Edom – ‘Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: Esau is Edom’ (Genesis 36:8). Seir was a mountain range sought of the Dead Sea and was also known as the ‘land of Edom’ (Genesis 36:21). The Seir mountains were the home of the Edomites for nearly a millennium (The Edomites arrived in Edom or Seir at the end of the 14th and beginning of the 13th century B.C. Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 6, p. 372) Thus we have it from Jewish sources that the Khazars originally ‘dwell near the Seir Mountains’ so are racially of Edomite stock. But how and when did Edomites get to Khazaria? There is evidence that in the 6th century BC, some of the Edomites fled their homeland of Seir and migrated north, ‘After the fall of Jerusalem, in 586 BC, the Edomites began to press northward (Ezekiel 36:5).

The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IV, (1905), p. 3

SATAN IS A BRILLIANT but nasty creator of evil plans and schemes, what better way to spit in the face of God than to dilute his people over time into a mere imitation of the Chosen promise of God. Still we must remember that NO PEOPLE ON EARTH ARE A RACE UNTO THEMSELVES we are all Human that is except for the 13 bloodlines polluted by the Angelic sin in Genesis 6, it is from these tainted mixed race of beings that Satan has chosen to destroy God’s promise!
Listen to his word, no better understanding of God’s promises can be understood until you decide to LISTEN AND GAIN WISDOM!

The John Chapter 1 REVELATION

” In the beginning was the Word (THE PROMISE), and the Word (THE PROMISE) was with the God, and the Word (THE PROMISE MADE) was God (HIMSELF)The same (PROMISE MADE) was in the beginning with the God. All things were made by him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Is this a revelation to you? Did you not understand the representation of this truth throughout scripture? How is it that God’s servants did not know that God’s promises are IRREVOCABLE UPON THE DEATH OF GOD HIMSELF! The point here is obvious God puts a great price upon failure to do what he said its not just death for sin involved in this its his own being ending IF WHAT HE PROMISED IS UNFULLFILLED.

God unlike Satan whose word is worthless and LESS than useless, takes his Words as being the continuation of creation itself, so that the faith we place in it has a foundation that is as sure as the ALMIGHTIES EXISTENCE. So getting back to this heresy called “The great Switch” moving the modern Church into the place occupied ONLY BY THOSE WHO ARE HIS CHOSEN ONES. YES….

There is a false Israel which are the EDOMITES pretending to be chosen, they are the spirit of God’s enemy Satan not actual Jews. It is these imposters who propagate “Zionistic doctrines” which God never promised!

Khazar Jews circa 1878.

Revelation 3:9

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet (Clearly there must be a real Israel or this verse makes zero sense and no amount of switching places explains this verse!), and to know that I have loved thee.”

Granted, the Christian church is included as God’s people BUT never was it to replace Israel in the promise but only to share in the blessing on ALL nations. Israel or the Jews, the real ones wherever they reside today AS LONG AS THEY HAVE ACCEPTED MESSIAH PERSONALLY in Christian terms being Born Again then WE TOGETHER MAKE UP THE CHOSEN PEOPLE of God.

Romans 2:28-29 PROVES WHO THE TRUE JEWS ARE and fleshly lineage plays NO PART in judging it!

28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.”

THIS was what God was trying to instill in his people since the beginning of time that religious service wasn’t his perfect will but a perfect heart before him was. Our stubborn adherence to ornamental systems of service is how Satan deceives mankind in the first place, we wrongly idolize OUR WAY and end up ignoring God’s perfect way!

Romans 9:6

Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:”

So why is this true? Where did the wrong path begin?

Genesis 36:9 tells us who the father of these disobedient children today was….

“And these are the generations of Esau the father of the Edomites in mount Seir:”

– Their heart of pride: “The pride of your heart has deceived you” (Obadiah 1:3).

– Their violent acts against Israel: “Because of the violence done to your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever” (Obadiah 1:10).

– Their attitude toward Jerusalem’s destruction: “Do not rejoice over the people of Judah in the day of their ruin” (Obadiah 1:12).

– Their plundering and looting of Jerusalem: “Do not loot his wealth in the day of his calamity” (Obadiah 1:13).

– Their mistreatment of Jerusalem’s survivors: “Do not stand at the crossroads to cut off his fugitives” (Obadiah 1:14).

False Israel is NOT part of God’s promises therefore they will be deposed from their high place soon. The Deep State actors in Israel are the Children of Khazar NOT OF ISRAEL!

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY Q STATED THAT “ISRAEL WILL BE LAST”…..IN ORDER FOR TRUE PEACE TO HAPPEN these imposters must be uprooted and since the roots started here their deepest here!

The TRUE JEW is not just the fleshly line of Abraham and Jesus himself but it includes every truly “BORN AGAIN” person who God himself has placed within his original promise to Abraham who, by the way; was a PAGAN man, whose entire existence was pagan worship BEFORE HIS CHOSING of him.


Remember God took a Man from the PAGAN world and recreated his worldview FROM THE NATURAL to the Spiritual Promise of a New understanding of who made him!

Jacob’s twin brother and grandson of Abraham Esau did not understand the Covenant that this God had given to him he was willing to sell it for perishable food, this disqualified him from being under God’s blessing!

It is from the mixing of Angelic seed with Human that the BLOODLINES of evil came and settled upon Israel.


Our Jewish beginnings as a body ARE NOT TO BE SHUNED OR DISPISED but on the other hand we ALL, both Jewish believers and Non Jewish followers (The God fearers) MUST LEARN TO DISCERN DECEPTION BETTER! The Church in its infancy WAS A JEWISH body 100% and was Later totally infiltrated by UNBELIEVING JEWISH HATERS and yes that includes Martin Luther who propagated this mess throughout the World.

He started out Loving Israel and the Jews but because of their stubbornness against his beliefs HE TURNED RABID AGAINST THEM and he did what human nature does when in an emotional state of anger.

Definition of bastardized :

altered from an original in a way that diminishes quality or legitimacy a movie presenting a bastardized version of a classic novel … the Italian and Chinese restaurants finally rid themselves of their first- and second-generation parochialism and their bastardized dishes tailored to supposed American tastes … IN OTHER WORDS WE OFTEN TWIST THINGS OUT OF SHAPE WHENEVER EMOTIONS BECOME UNMANAGEABLE!

The Following is from another blog here

“The Kenites had become absorbed into the Canaanite nations at an early time, and Esau-Edom had become absorbed partially into the Canaanites, thus all three tribal groups carried some of Cain’s DNA. It is also likely that many of the Judaean elders were Canaanites themselves (Zechariah 14.21, Susanna 1.56) and so it’s possible all three cursed lineages had direct descendants in the 1st century Judaean populace, particularly among scribes and Pharisees. Thus Christ rightly accuses their brood of shedding the blood of Abel and Zacharias, and of all the righteous priests of God.”


Can you now see where the Church has been twisted and pulled in every direction by satanic seeds manipulating our MINDS for century’s? CRUSHING OUR SOUL’S?

Genesis 3:1-5, 14-15

Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil………

14 And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

But we know the end of the book and GOD WIN’S nothing can stop what’s coming, the Storm is almost over but its judgments will bring a brand new World!

Who’s actually IN Control here? The Deep (Rooted) State OR God!

Ronald Reagan told us what to really fear when it comes to our Governments and those who SAY they are our help!

Our Governments are RUN by people who are RUN by OTHERS who are RUN BY SATAN’S WORLDVIEW UNDER HIS “godhood” of deception and manipulative puppitering! This is the world CONTROLLED BY FEAR and self loathing hatred that WE as God’s people must understand if we are to overcome it!

We are experiencing a time in earth’s long history where the scripture in Luke 21 “25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. The time spoken of here is of course a prophetic double reference of the destruction of the Temple in 70 ad AND FOR ALL FUTURE TIMES WHEN GOD IS ACTING AGAINST SIN AND SATANIC POWERS!

We’re entering a time where God is acting against EVERY HIGH DOMINION in the heavens that has blocked, hindered or otherwise confused our true circumstances. Satan is very angry right now because God is reversing and destroying every evil plan he’s spent thousands of years slowly and methodically laying out to bring plans to fruition. But nothing he is doing right now or has planned out previously will happen.

Proverbs Chapter 16

Clearly tells us this Principle and it is immutable it cannot ever change, God is in effect ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF HISTORY’S TIMELINE, he made it he controls it’s flow and absolutely NOTHING the Demonic realm or for that matter OUR LITTLE PLANS cannot supercede his “Before the foundations of the world” plans!

“The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord. All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. “

Its very clear that if YOU WANT YOUR WAYS TO MATTER IN THE LEAST BIT, you absolutely must commit them FIRST TO GOD for any success….. Little known secret here… SATAN’S PLANS CANNOT EVER SUCCED UNLESS THE TIMING IS GOD’S, the demonic realm no matter how puffed up with pride they are, no matter how well planned, how detailed CANNOT PROSPER, not even a little bit!

So the real question we need to know an answer to is WHY do we get in fear seeing mere physical signs in heaven and earth? WHY does it even bother us to see things that are naturally occurring.. Well the simple answer is that we have become attached to the natural understanding of what we see, feel and touch and anytime we do that we can be moved to fear if any of those things INCREASE IN HAPPENING. Fear is a good thing if it motivates you toward salvation whether toward physical protection or towards God’s spiritual protection, which goes much deeper than fear of Hellfire.

Fear can also OVERMODIVATE US towards internalizing our insecurities which causes disease, nervous breakdowns and bad choices. The difference is clear here, fear that destroys us is SATANICLLY INSPIRED FEAR. Fear that acts as a buffer from harm, physically or spiritually is a gift from God, it’s Wisdom manifesting to protect us from destruction!

This is the problem today as People are in the WRONG kind of Fear, its motivating their IMAGINATIONS to develop diseases, terrible choices, internalized mentally unstable beliefs. The Fear of God NEVER LEADS to this, never, it leads us away from what it reveals as wrong to deeper into it! And please understand that the Deep State learned how to mass produce this fear from their “god” Satan who is an expert master fearmonger.

Satan is a master manipulator, he can use the earth’s elementals to deceive just as he did to cause Moses and Aron’s signs to look common place UNTIL GOD ATE THEIR SIGN UP to prove his power trump’s the enemies abilities. This is the power we are about to see with our own eyes in these last days. God’s power in the early Church was witnessed DAILY by his people until we entered a dark, blinded time where “Faked Man Made Religion” replaced the Fear of God with the false COPY of Satanic origin.

Everything Satan copy’s is powerless, disappointing and unfulfilling to man. At no time will religion fill the space created when reject God’s power in favor of feeling safe in our walls.

Having been in the Occult I have a perspective on Satan’s tricks and manifestations that others don’t NOT that that matters as far as being decieved for years but I know how he does some of it even when we are unaware he’s even doing it which is an advantage!

Isaiah 41:10

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Psalm 16:9

“Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth:
my flesh also shall rest in hope.”

Really listen to this verse….. My heart is glad (That’s your spirit), My glory (That’s your Mind, your mental faculties, WHAT MAKES YOU AWARE OF THE WORLD AROUND YOU!) Rejoices and what does this state of mind do?

It causes your FLESHLY BODY to REST IN HOPE. Think about this for a moment here…. this is not ONLY SAYING AT DEATH your body rests in hope of resurrection which how we’ve thought of it, it’s stating that because your spirit is his lamp giving off his glory in us which reflects into or internalizes his presence in our thinking, our view of our life, the very functions of thought are glowing with his presence THIS CAUSES OUR PHYSICAL FLESH TO BE RESTED IN THE HOPE OF HEAVEN’S ANSWERS!

This now brings us to the title of this post “Who’s really in charge of things happening around us, who’s pulling the levers moving the puppet’s in our government? Why are things happening around our World as they are? In order to really know we must step way back from it all to see the big picture like God always does. He never tells us anything that he has not fully seen play out in our lives, God time travels instantly for every moment of his advice to us but he unlike us can do it automatically, every Word out of God’s mouth is TIME TESTED “Very Good” for us.

His Word has already been proven BEYOND ANY DOUBT before it EVER leaves heaven to our spirit therefore it tantamount to open sin to ever doubt it or manifest opposition to HIS WORD OR TO THOSE WHO ARE HIS Prophets!

So let’s understand that Satan never tells any TRUTH without FIRST diluting it with his LIES, it is the lies that taint any truth even the Word of God can be drained of its effectives if told through a lie! False Teachers and Prophets use the Word like a charm, that’s the lie the Word of God never stops being HIS WORD even when you say it but once you twist it into your word it loses its glorious purpose.

So knowing this fact let’s hear the TRUTH about the World we now find ourselves living in and believe me when I say, its much more evil than you ever imagined!

The Hypocrisy of Those Who Cannot See, Who Do Not Hear, But DO Evil JUST to be Evil!

hypocrisy noun

Definition of hypocrisy

1: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel His hypocrisy was finally revealed with the publication of his private letters. especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion our conventional morality often serves as a cover for hypocrisy and selfishness— Lucius Garvin

2: an act or instance of hypocrisy a keen awareness of one’s parents’ hypocrisies

There is NO greater Hypocrisy in the World today than the Medical Misinformation being touted about the Covid Vaccines, and I’m NOT talking about Death counts we all know those were Misdirected OTHER DEATHS to inflate Covid making it a bigger worry than it needed to be!

This was a DESIGNED Pandemic, they used a Virus made by them that had a 97% survivability rate, no one was ever in danger UNLESS THEY HAD A PREXISTING CONDITION that made them a target for the virus.


The Virus was designed to to kill the weak, the sickly and those whose IMMUNE SYSTEMS were not up to the task! FIRST THEY MADE US FEAR THE OUTSIDE where the Sun Light could kill their creation, then they made us fear one another with MASKS and Social Distancing WHICH THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENCE BACKING FOR by the way.

They purposely manipulated the testing numbers to high to give the impression it was more deadly and spreading faster than the common cold, in fact the common cold would make the test get a positive result.

How do I know this?

Simple when the WHO & CDC lowered the number on the testing it went way down because its sensitivity level was lowered.

On top of this lie, they claimed COVID DEATH for any and every death in every Hospital across America, Cancer, Heart Failure, even Accidents on the Highway were said to be COVID RELATED DEATHS. We wanted a cure for disease, well COVID seemed to do just that no one died of anything but COVID for a while. At least that was their Illusion for us to focus us on fear.

The following Video will BLOW YOUR MIND, why?

Because we have been lied too 100% about this Virus situation from Day one by doctors who should know better, by Nurses who DO know better and last but not least our own Government Health Agencies the Centers for Disease Control AND The WHO!

Thankfully there are a good lot of Doctors, Nurses and Health officials who don’t go along with the cooperate lie and tell the truth no matter the threats to life and limb!

October 2020

The Secretary of the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Alex M. Azar III, has granted the companies selling and those involved in virtually any other activity related to any COVID-19 vaccine immunity from liability for any injuries caused by these products.  Prior to his current position, Secretary Azar was a senior executive for a major pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly and Company, from 2007 to 2017.

Secretary Azar has issued a “Declaration pursuant to section 319F-3 of the Public Health Service Act to provide liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19.”  (85 FR 15198.)  It provides that those that “prescribe, administer, deliver, distribute or dispense” and the “manufacturers [and] distributors” of “any vaccine, used to treat, … prevent or mitigate COVID-19” shall enjoy “[l]iablity immunity ,” including, “from suit and liability under Federal and State law with respect to all claims for loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the administration to or the use by an individual of a [COVID-19 vaccine].”  (Id.; 42 U.S.C. § 247d-6d.)

An integral driver of consumer safety is the potential and actual liability companies face if their product causes harm.  To assure consumers that a pharmaceutical company stands behind the safety of its vaccine product, ICAN makes a public request that each pharmaceutical company formally declaration that it waives the immunity from liability granted by HHS for injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccine.

Waiving this immunity will provide the standard and minimal level of product safety assurance consumers expect.  If a company will not bear the risk of having to pay for injuries caused by its product, it should be understandable that consumers will not want to bear the risk of being injected with that product.

The following a list of the pharmaceutical companies that have, to-date, publicly announced that they will stand-behind their product and waive immunity from liability for injuries caused by their COVID-19 vaccine:


This tells you all you need to know about these EVIL people who would INJECT anything into a human being that hasn’t been properly tested and proven effective in a pure scientific method!

Just in case you think they deserve the benefit of the doubt read this study :




What’s more important to you? The fake opinions of others or HOW God see’s you?

This might seem trivial in our day and age to even care about “opinion’s” one way or the other but I assure you everyone has an opinion and all of us care to one degree or another how those opinion’s affect our appearance to the world around us! By the end of this blog you’ll understand why FACTS matter more than PERSONAL OPINION or Political Opinions on either side. If 2020 has revealed anything its that those who HATE AMERICA will go to any length to destroy her.

What you will learn herein is that they knew what they were doing when they did it and no matter how they hide it in other ways their aims were willingly revealed in their own investigations of Election frauds of the past. Imagine Liberals worried about hacking? Concerned about things THEY OPENLY ARE NOW GUILTY OF ON A MASSIVE SCALE!

Our opinions are a collection of attitudes and beliefs about issues and topics that we attain too over time from the opinions and attitudes of others. The FAKE MEDIA simply taps into the darker opinions and drives them home into our minds over and over shaping our views for us.

This is better understood as “PROPAGANDA CREATION” because before they can shape our opinions they must eliminate any “Values” that oppose the Opinions their trying to make us believe! Our “Faith Values” prevent us from accepting morals that God hates, the Word of God is our protection from bad moral decisions.

Beliefs and values are two basic dimensions that determine our attitudes toward the world and toward ourselves. All three, in turn, define our behavior and drive our actions. THINK….. if we don’t want to displease our heavenly Father should we be letting the Media form our opinions or should we allow the Word of God to reveal truth founded upon actual Science and reason form our World view?

Understanding our beliefs and values helps us understand who we REALLY are!

Creating empowering beliefs and values THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD, allows us to create a better VIEW OF THE WORLD based upon actual Truth and accomplish the goals that matter both for our lives and others around us.

Of course this applies to the Right and the Center of Political opinions too, letting what anyone except God control your outcomes is Dangerous to say the least, if you cannot PROVE THE OPINION TRUE then the opinion is just that, an opinion not based in reality.

Manipulative opinion relies upon your weak view of yourself and little or no personal Values that direct your worldview. Have you ever asked yourself the question ” Why is it that some people are easily manipulated by any roaming opinion while others are never moved by what others think about them?” now ask yourself ” Which person has more success in life? The one without Values or the one grounded in them?”

Our Values determine our FUTURE so its of the utmost importance what values we hold, that’s just common sense no one can disagree with that. It was this very thing that first tore us from our foundations in the first place, we just weren’t involved in getting to know our God given values, we began slowly to side step one value after the other until we no longer cared about values….. we’ve become a valueless society throw upon the waves of opinion even when opposing opinions were obvious we were determined to believe both opposing opinions at the same time. It is one thing to believe two things that seem opposites but quite different to believe two things that cannot work together like Evil behavior and Good behavior while BOTH can happen both cannot exist in the same space together without a war!

Americans have systematically, ever so slowly been molded into a bunch of opinionated reflections of outside immoral forces bent on eliminating our Values that God holds dear to himself as a part of his creation. Once we lose these Values we LOSE OUR SOULS as a Nation! It must be understood that our Nation is one of many being used to bring about God’s purposes in the earth, nothing can stop his purpose from happening and no matter how foul the Enemy gets his actions will ALWAYS FAIL… WHY? Because when he fell from Heaven he was forever separated from God’s purposes never to understand them or to stop them from taking place.

It is for this very reason that Satan became a “Used Pawn” in God’s purposes THINKING that he is in control when in fact he is progressing God’s plans while thinking he’s progressing his own!

Its high time that WE as the Body of Christ start to realize that our existence isn’t dependent upon anyone’s opinion but the Lord Jesus Christ and him alone. We have to realize that Satan and his Kids do not determine our future or our present conditions. We must renew our minds to become one with the creator of destinies, God is in COMPLETE CONTROL of everything including Satan’s deceptions and working!

Listen to this BELOW then tell me that our Elections are safe and free in America. Then ask yourself why it is that Liberals and Never Trumpers are doing an about face all of a sudden concerning THEIR CHEAT during 2020?

was that an eye-opener? Of course they were blaming Conservatives for the fraud but we all know they have always used these same things to win elections all along, the ESTABLISHMENT ON BOTH SIDES have always cheated to win but until now they’ve always given you the Voter an Illusion of a Choice.

Until 2020 all their cheating was hidden behind small margins of victories but they cheated in such LARGE NUMBERS in every state of our union that they EXPOSED THEMSELVES and now want to stop what they said in the above films MUST BE DONE!

What you see being revealed over the next years will permanently change our Nation towards the EVIL THAT EXISTS, they truly will not be able to walk down the street for the shame they will feel.

How can liberals NOW say that our Elections are the most safe and accurate elections in history when just a year ago all this was a fear of theirs? Well its all a matter of expedience ONLY WHEN ITS THEM RUNNING AGAINST REPUBLICANS {Republicans in Name only don’t count because their Liberal lite when they win!}

Keep in mind that the above proof of election fraud is NOW being denied by the very people in these films that were interviewed for it….. WHY? Why the complete change in the idea of cheating when it involved Joe Biden?

Let us not become complacent concerning our actual values, this is how America was hacked in the first place by evil authoritarians who wish to enslave us all. These videos PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT that political parties can and will CHEAT, STEAL and even destroy our country for Money, Power Grabs and looking good! Its high time to act like Americans DROP party politics of any kind BOTH PARTIES CHEATED throughout our history BOTH parties are part of each other and it took an OUTSIDER LIKE Donald John Trump to fully expose the lies, the shadow players and how they did it!

Keep watching, your about to witness the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the world in human history so be you Liberals or be you Conservatives you should be appalled at this evil hack of your freedoms!

Part 2 A Spiritual Viewpoint on False Information and Fear in America!

This video will piss you off unless your a Liberal sell out that only does what your told and doesn’t care what happens in the world unless its an agenda driven care! We all knew these things deep down but were afraid to say it!

About Danielle: As Founder & CEO of Quill Intelligence, DiMartino Booth set out to launch a #ResearchRevolution, redefining how markets intelligence is conceived and delivered.

To build QI, she brought together a core team of investing veterans to analyze the trends and provide critical analysis on what is driving the markets – both in the United States and globally. A global thought leader on monetary policy, economics and finance, DiMartino Booth founded Quill Intelligence in 2018. She is the author of FED UP:

An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America (Portfolio, Feb 2017), has a column on Bloomberg View, is a business speaker, and a commentator frequently featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, Fox Business News, BNN Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets.

Secrets? Half truths?

The entire reason we have FEAR AND UNCERTAINTY in this life is because certain people on the World stage take their own personal fears and instead of dealing with it like actual Human Beings they use subterfuge, hiding our real agendas from others because they WRONGLY think their fears will win if THEY LOSE the battle!

This is HOW CHINA’S leadership and other World leaders like the W.H.O. think! The problem with this line of reasoning is that it is self defeating logic, no problem can be overcome in the echo-chamber of your own reasoning. We can’t solve an issue if we use ourselves as our own answer.

We were created as ONE RACE, ONE PEOPLE man and women, as one mind, one spirit in two separate and equal bodies. Adam and Eve were that persona but what happened to that persona? Satan separated them and by extension all of us by Sex, Skin Color, Rich and Poor, HE EVEN INVENTED THE LIE THAT SKIN COLOR MAKES YOU A DIFFERENT RACE OF BEING!

Class warfare developed into World Warfare, Sex Warfare, National Warfare, and exploded into fear and false information being the norm in everyday life…. This is what we personally face as our enemy. We need each other more now because we just haven’t had help with our lives in the past, that’s the big lie, we don’t have to be alone in our fears we can share with others of like mind and together we can defeat what causes our fears in the first place!


This is what we as a Nation as a World were meant to be: Unified Together NOT as a One World Order of elite cronies but as One Created Human Existence going forth to change the World for good.

1Jn 3:1-11

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin.

Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him. Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous. He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. Love One Another For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.”

This is who we as a Nation can become, this is how God wants the World to be but in order for this to become the norm the Following must become less and less and that cannot happen until EVERYONE AFFECTED BY IT STANDS UP TO BE COUNTED AS GOD’S MAN AND GOD’S WOMEN! WE MUST LOOK PAST OUR FEARS, PAST OUR INHIBITIONS, PAST OUR OWN PERSONAL LIVES!

Rom 1:18-32

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beasts, and creeping things.
Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves:

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
Backbiters, haters of God, spiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

So we see here clearly that it is WE who must give up our personal sins, it is WE who must turn from that sinful behavior but the good news is WE don’t have to do it under our power, God provides HIS ability to do the turning for us once WE give up ownership of our messed up lives. Until then we will wallow in our own weakness and inability to change. God is the only power that can defeat our life choice nothing else can change us but we must first WANT THE CHANGE and at the same time HATE WHERE WE ARE!


Part 1: A Spiritual Viewpoint On False Information And Fear In America!

The Spirit of Propaganda and Fear are closely tied together in fact they are inseparable one will not work without the other!

Types of Propaganda Techniques: A Detailed Explanation - Marketing Wit

2 Peter 2

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false-teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. …”

If your watching the News, the Fake News networks like @CNN @MSNBC or any of the other Parrot Networks that simply repeat what their leadership says they must say. Then your involved in the very middle of what the Bible terms “False Prophets” so what do I mean by using this comparison?

Is this an accurate comparison? Can I really use this term when talking about modern News agency’s? Does the Bible actually apply here?

Well of course it does, do you think modern times make the Bible inaccurate?

The Bible is more accurate more up to date than any newspaper, any news machine in modern history, why because God knows Past, Present and Future not just as knowledge but because HE EXISTS IN ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME! He’s God, he’s Eternal and nothing we know now trumps what he’s ALWAYS KNOWN!

My point in saying this is not simply to attack the Media because there are really good Media People and outlets that simply report news as it should be reported BUT THE BIG MEDIA OUTLETS ARE SIMPLY PUT FALSE PROPHETS OF THIS AGE!

Jude 1:10

“But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary says this about these kind of people!

I. The character of these deceivers is described.

  • They defile the flesh. The flesh or body is the immediate seat, and often the irritating occasion, of many horrid pollution's; yet these, though done in and against the body, do greatly defile and grievously maim and wound the soul. Fleshly lusts do war against the soul, 1Pe_2:11. and in 2Co_7:1 we read of filthiness of flesh and spirit, each of which, though of different kinds, defiles the whole man.
  • They despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities, are of a disturbed mind and a seditious spirit, forgetting that the powers that be are ordained of God, Rom_13:1. God requires us to speak evil of no man (Tit_3:2.); but it is a great aggravation of the sin of evil-speaking when what we say is pointed at magistrates, men whom God has set in authority over us, by blaspheming or speaking evil of whom we blaspheme God himself.
  • Or if we understand it, as some do, with respect to religion, which ought to have the dominion in this lower world, such evil-speakers despise the dominion of conscience, make a jest of it, and would banish it out of the world; and as for the word of God, the rule of conscience, they despise it.
  • The revelations of the divine will go for little with them; they are a rule of faith and manners, but not till they have explained them, and imposed their sense of them upon all about them. Or, as others account for the sense of this passage, the people of God, truly and specially so, are the dignities here spoken of or referred to, according to that of the psalmist, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm, Psa_105:15. They speak evil, etc.
  • Religion and its serious professors have been always and every where evil spoken of. Though there is nothing in religion but what is very good, and deserves our highest regards, both as it is perfectible of our natures and as it is subservient to our truest and highest interests; yet this sect, as its enemies are pleased to call it, is every where spoken against, Act_28:22.

Now I don’t know about you but the Bible’s description of these brute beasts seems to me to accurately describe the Media’s reaction to truth, to facts concerning anything they do not personally like!

Jude 1:12-13

“These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withers, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.”

What we are seeing right before our eyes on every News broadcast in the World now is this very behavior that is so graphically portrayed in Scripture. They refuse known facts, twist it into something it does not actually say in order to promote a set agenda. Dishonesty is chosen rather than simply reporting facts and letting the People make up their minds!

Propaganda Techniques by Kelli Lovingfoss | Teachers Pay Teachers

Why is this being done so openly and obviously? Its pretty simple really you see Satan is the Prince and the Power of the AIRWAVES literally and figuratively speaking. He PROJECTS his own nature into our airwaves through propaganda which is just another term for LYING or promoting things to a certain end result! Lies told often enough become most peoples facts!

Propaganda techniques - Wikipedia

Rom 6:16

“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves (WILLINGLY) servants to obey, his (WILLING) servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death (LYING, MANIPULATING, TWISTING), or of obedience unto righteousness (TELLING THE TRUTH)?”

 Propaganda Techniques

The Commandments of Propaganda

Divide and Conquer

More small groups are easier to pit against each other Tell the people what they want to hear, Pander to the masses.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Make statements grandiose and loud. ALWAYS appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s O.K. to “dumb it down”

  Commandments of Propaganda

Generalize as much as possible, Paint in broad strokes, Use “expert” testimonial Have someone known or relatable “pitch” it, Refer often to the “authority” of your office Remind public of knowledge and power.

4) Ten Commandments of Propaganda

Stack the cards with “information”, Use as much supportive evidence as possible

A confused people are easily led, More informed means more skeptical, Get the “plain folks” onto the “bandwagon”, Appeal to the common man & he will follow.

5) Keystone Mandated Propaganda Strategies

Name-Calling Bandwagon Red Herring Emotional Appeal/Loaded Words Testimonial Repetition Glittering/Sweeping Generalizations Circular Arguments Appeal to Numbers, Facts, and Statistics

6) Additional Propaganda Strategies All Citizens Should Understand
Fear, Scapegoating, Black and White.

7) Slogan “Trust Sleepy’s For the ‘rest’ Of your life”

A catchword or phrase loaded with emotion Jingle–A musical phrase the audience will remember Often sells through repetition Clever and easy to remember Stays with you a long time Often a melody you already know“Trust Sleepy’s For the ‘rest’Of your life”

8) Name-Calling

The name-calling technique links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol. A way of smearing an opponent.

Intent is to damage opponent. It also arouses suspicion of opponents Intention it is to create an uneasy feeling Used to try to avoid supporting their own opinion with facts.

Rather than explain what they believe in, they prefer to try to tear their opponent down. Used by politicians and product companies.

The most obvious type of name calling involves bad names. For example, consider the following: Communist Fascist Criminal Liar Terrorist Bum.

Name-Calling: An attack on a person instead of an issue.

Glittering Generalities

The Glittering Generality is, in short, Name Calling in reverse. The Glittering Generality device seeks to make us approve and accept without examining the evidence. Uses important-sounding “glad words”little or no real meaning. Used in general statements that cannot be proved or disproved.Words like “good,” “honest,” “fair,” and “best” are examples of “glad” words.

Glittering Generalities in Media

STATEMENT: “Change We Can Believe In.

”PROPAGANDA: The audience is meant to be lured in by the promise of “change.” The idea is catchy and attractive, but without substance or evidence.

Now….. tell me you cannot see this used daily in every aspect of you life? And keep in mind there are levels of this its not necessarily all terrible, evil things done with it but the graduated forms are what Satan uses to deceive us at every turn we need to wake up to our “atmosphere”, the surroundings we have around us that we just get used too!

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Rom 12:1-2

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

The Left’s 16 Year Plan to Dismantle Western Culture!

The following thread from 2 YEARS AGO properly puts what’s happening right now into perspective check this out!


Almost 2 years ago (Tuesday), on January 21, 2018, Q dropped a bombshell and told anons about the Democrats “16 year plan to destroy America”.

Before they could implement their 16 year plan to destroy America, the Cabal had to stop @realDonaldTrump from winning the 2016 Presidential election.

FROM:   https://threader.app/thread/1219041648518352896

 Thank God they failed.

Hussein was the catalyst for destruction during first 8 years, and here is what the Deep State accomplished:

1. Installed rogue operators. we know there were thousands if not hundreds of thousands of rogue ops installed in our govt, some at highest levels (e.g. McCabe, Strozk) over the years.

2. Leak classified intel/mil assets (to china, Russia, Pakistan via Awan & Muslim Brotherhood)

3. Cut funding to Military – Hussein presided over some of the largest military budget cuts ever.

4. equipment malfunction – defective steal installed in our military products/weapons, defective equipment, electronic malfunctions, etc;

5. command away from generals – heavily politicize the military…politicians/admin micro manage…politically correct verses strategic decision.

6. launch good guy take down (valerie Jarrett) to remove anyone with any morals and replace them with someone who is loyal to Deep State; VJ “sniffed out” and Hussein fired over 200 patriot generals.

7. SAP (special access program – top secret intel/military tech) sell off –

8. think Clinton allowing her server to be “hacked” (granted access) by Russia/China in return for donations to Clinton Foundation;

9. Snowden open source. Snowden was a CIA plant who weakened the NSA and then posed as a good guy his actions were detrimental to the U.S. military world wide by giving bad actors their tools to infiltrate.

10. weaken conservative base (IRS – Lois Lerner audits of conservative groups; constant attacks from Fake News.

11. flood illegals over border, rig elections, allow illegals to vote, MS 13 operatives come in and murder patriots like Seth Rich. MS 13 and ISIS serve as domestic assets used to assassinate and threaten/take out deep state targets and influential patriots. Open borders served as a demographic replacement and allowed for the installation of puppets through voter fraud.

12. Obama ignored reports from the intel agencies that NK was building nukes…plan was to allow NK to obtain nukes and blackmail Japan and our allies.

13. Stage the supreme court (Scalia was murdered…think Podesta wikeleaks re wetworks). Cabal was going to stack the SC to their favor. Scalia removal, opened door for HRC to offer Sup Ct opening to Lynch if she agreed to drop investigation into HRC);

14. Uranium 1 transfer of 20 % of USA uranium to Russia via Clinton Found., Canada, EU, etc…(uranium provided by Russia to NK and Iran to build nukes).

15. Kill NASA (prevent space domination and disable US Mil/NSA spy satellites ultimate advantage against bad actors in intel collection and secure communication and allow installation of weapons mass destruc from rogue nations/terrorists controlled by DS.

This would have allowed DS and rogue nations to attack via EMP to wipe out our electronic grid and destroy 90% of US population and likely 90% of world);

16. Obama controlled all 3 classes of senate giving the Dems the majority in all their elections – 2011, 2013, 2015

Classified 1-99 could be a reference to the “16 year plan to destroy America”…perhaps there are 99 pages to this memo.

Part 2 (the second 8 years)…the Cabal planned for Hillary to finish off the USA as we know it:

1. HRC planned to ignite WWIII w/Russia and China for population control purposes and to force world into 1 world governance.

2. HRC and cabal stood to make billions off WWIII and capture total control of west and ultimately world; the death and suffering would be real but the war itself somewhat controlled by the DS. Question: how could it be controlled if Russia was involved? I think the DS likely made an agreement with Putin. Yes, @POTUS is working with Putin to bring peace, but don’t forget what Q told us early in the posts…Putin is one of the billionaire elites. Putin was going to control Russia and expand his control and Russia’s dominance over Ukraine, Georgia and other Baltic states…I believe this was the agreement that was in place once the DS began to decimate the US Military.

I think @potus came to power and told Putin he could either switch sides and work with him to destroy the Deep State’s influence and power, or he too would suffer the same fate as the Deep state. Putin decided to work with @Potus.

3. kill economy (Hussein failed eco/job policies);

4. revise constitution;

5. open border permanently;

6. kill 2nd amendment.

7. install leftist judges and kill off challengers (literally kill them off as they did Scalia);

8. remove electoral college; only popular vote which easy to manipulate and control through msm and Soros voting machines;

9. remove funding of military close bases;

Clinton would continue to install rogue operators in military and cut funding and degrade moral completely.

10. Hillary would closer military bases world wide starting first with our base in Rammstein, Germany – which is where we control drones in Middle East and Cent. Asia

11. Hillary planned to take out patriot journalists with dissenting views (solomon, carter, hannity, citizen journalists and social media reporters), and those who were not on payroll of CIA Operation Mockingbird via censorship, removal of ad revenue, and even death.

“Keep them starved”
“Keep them blind”
“Keep them stupid”

HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

3 statements were made by Hillary Clinton that were intercepted on March 13, 2013, demonstrating what she thinks of Black Americans. Sick.

This was the plan of the Cabal. They failed. I do believe @potus will declassify some type of document or memo that essentially spells out these points and shows what the Cabal planned to do to the USA through HRC (finishing up what Hussein started).

This is why we continue to fight. This is why the declass, unsealing of indictments and arrests are taking a while. This is a massive undertaking. Hussein had 8 years to set our Country back massively…had @Potus not won and had the US Military not prevented massive voter fraud of key electoral states, this would be our reality right now. Heavy stuff. Pray and keep fighting! #qanon #wwg1wga

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