What’s more important to you? The fake opinions of others or HOW God see’s you?

This might seem trivial in our day and age to even care about “opinion’s” one way or the other but I assure you everyone has an opinion and all of us care to one degree or another how those opinion’s affect our appearance to the world around us! By the end of this blog you’ll understand why FACTS matter more than PERSONAL OPINION or Political Opinions on either side. If 2020 has revealed anything its that those who HATE AMERICA will go to any length to destroy her.

What you will learn herein is that they knew what they were doing when they did it and no matter how they hide it in other ways their aims were willingly revealed in their own investigations of Election frauds of the past. Imagine Liberals worried about hacking? Concerned about things THEY OPENLY ARE NOW GUILTY OF ON A MASSIVE SCALE!

Our opinions are a collection of attitudes and beliefs about issues and topics that we attain too over time from the opinions and attitudes of others. The FAKE MEDIA simply taps into the darker opinions and drives them home into our minds over and over shaping our views for us.

This is better understood as “PROPAGANDA CREATION” because before they can shape our opinions they must eliminate any “Values” that oppose the Opinions their trying to make us believe! Our “Faith Values” prevent us from accepting morals that God hates, the Word of God is our protection from bad moral decisions.

Beliefs and values are two basic dimensions that determine our attitudes toward the world and toward ourselves. All three, in turn, define our behavior and drive our actions. THINK….. if we don’t want to displease our heavenly Father should we be letting the Media form our opinions or should we allow the Word of God to reveal truth founded upon actual Science and reason form our World view?

Understanding our beliefs and values helps us understand who we REALLY are!

Creating empowering beliefs and values THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD, allows us to create a better VIEW OF THE WORLD based upon actual Truth and accomplish the goals that matter both for our lives and others around us.

Of course this applies to the Right and the Center of Political opinions too, letting what anyone except God control your outcomes is Dangerous to say the least, if you cannot PROVE THE OPINION TRUE then the opinion is just that, an opinion not based in reality.

Manipulative opinion relies upon your weak view of yourself and little or no personal Values that direct your worldview. Have you ever asked yourself the question ” Why is it that some people are easily manipulated by any roaming opinion while others are never moved by what others think about them?” now ask yourself ” Which person has more success in life? The one without Values or the one grounded in them?”

Our Values determine our FUTURE so its of the utmost importance what values we hold, that’s just common sense no one can disagree with that. It was this very thing that first tore us from our foundations in the first place, we just weren’t involved in getting to know our God given values, we began slowly to side step one value after the other until we no longer cared about values….. we’ve become a valueless society throw upon the waves of opinion even when opposing opinions were obvious we were determined to believe both opposing opinions at the same time. It is one thing to believe two things that seem opposites but quite different to believe two things that cannot work together like Evil behavior and Good behavior while BOTH can happen both cannot exist in the same space together without a war!

Americans have systematically, ever so slowly been molded into a bunch of opinionated reflections of outside immoral forces bent on eliminating our Values that God holds dear to himself as a part of his creation. Once we lose these Values we LOSE OUR SOULS as a Nation! It must be understood that our Nation is one of many being used to bring about God’s purposes in the earth, nothing can stop his purpose from happening and no matter how foul the Enemy gets his actions will ALWAYS FAIL… WHY? Because when he fell from Heaven he was forever separated from God’s purposes never to understand them or to stop them from taking place.

It is for this very reason that Satan became a “Used Pawn” in God’s purposes THINKING that he is in control when in fact he is progressing God’s plans while thinking he’s progressing his own!

Its high time that WE as the Body of Christ start to realize that our existence isn’t dependent upon anyone’s opinion but the Lord Jesus Christ and him alone. We have to realize that Satan and his Kids do not determine our future or our present conditions. We must renew our minds to become one with the creator of destinies, God is in COMPLETE CONTROL of everything including Satan’s deceptions and working!

Listen to this BELOW then tell me that our Elections are safe and free in America. Then ask yourself why it is that Liberals and Never Trumpers are doing an about face all of a sudden concerning THEIR CHEAT during 2020?

was that an eye-opener? Of course they were blaming Conservatives for the fraud but we all know they have always used these same things to win elections all along, the ESTABLISHMENT ON BOTH SIDES have always cheated to win but until now they’ve always given you the Voter an Illusion of a Choice.

Until 2020 all their cheating was hidden behind small margins of victories but they cheated in such LARGE NUMBERS in every state of our union that they EXPOSED THEMSELVES and now want to stop what they said in the above films MUST BE DONE!

What you see being revealed over the next years will permanently change our Nation towards the EVIL THAT EXISTS, they truly will not be able to walk down the street for the shame they will feel.

How can liberals NOW say that our Elections are the most safe and accurate elections in history when just a year ago all this was a fear of theirs? Well its all a matter of expedience ONLY WHEN ITS THEM RUNNING AGAINST REPUBLICANS {Republicans in Name only don’t count because their Liberal lite when they win!}

Keep in mind that the above proof of election fraud is NOW being denied by the very people in these films that were interviewed for it….. WHY? Why the complete change in the idea of cheating when it involved Joe Biden?

Let us not become complacent concerning our actual values, this is how America was hacked in the first place by evil authoritarians who wish to enslave us all. These videos PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT that political parties can and will CHEAT, STEAL and even destroy our country for Money, Power Grabs and looking good! Its high time to act like Americans DROP party politics of any kind BOTH PARTIES CHEATED throughout our history BOTH parties are part of each other and it took an OUTSIDER LIKE Donald John Trump to fully expose the lies, the shadow players and how they did it!

Keep watching, your about to witness the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the world in human history so be you Liberals or be you Conservatives you should be appalled at this evil hack of your freedoms!

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I am a FULL GOSPEL MINISTER an Ex-Black Witch and Substance abuser brought to Faith in Jesus Christ in 1979. I believe that the Bible teaches that ALL BELIEVERS SHOULD PROSPER JUST AS THEIR SOULS PROSPER IN THE WORD OF GOD! Jos 1:8-9 "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." 3Jn 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." These are my personal post writings in which I give you what's on my heart. I do not apologize for what I think in any way, I am an Historicist in my prophetic interpretations of prophetic events in history and Pro-Life as far as my views on Abortion......in this I am proud and strong!

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