The Left’s 16 Year Plan to Dismantle Western Culture!

The following thread from 2 YEARS AGO properly puts what’s happening right now into perspective check this out!


Almost 2 years ago (Tuesday), on January 21, 2018, Q dropped a bombshell and told anons about the Democrats “16 year plan to destroy America”.

Before they could implement their 16 year plan to destroy America, the Cabal had to stop @realDonaldTrump from winning the 2016 Presidential election.


 Thank God they failed.

Hussein was the catalyst for destruction during first 8 years, and here is what the Deep State accomplished:

1. Installed rogue operators. we know there were thousands if not hundreds of thousands of rogue ops installed in our govt, some at highest levels (e.g. McCabe, Strozk) over the years.

2. Leak classified intel/mil assets (to china, Russia, Pakistan via Awan & Muslim Brotherhood)

3. Cut funding to Military – Hussein presided over some of the largest military budget cuts ever.

4. equipment malfunction – defective steal installed in our military products/weapons, defective equipment, electronic malfunctions, etc;

5. command away from generals – heavily politicize the military…politicians/admin micro manage…politically correct verses strategic decision.

6. launch good guy take down (valerie Jarrett) to remove anyone with any morals and replace them with someone who is loyal to Deep State; VJ “sniffed out” and Hussein fired over 200 patriot generals.

7. SAP (special access program – top secret intel/military tech) sell off –

8. think Clinton allowing her server to be “hacked” (granted access) by Russia/China in return for donations to Clinton Foundation;

9. Snowden open source. Snowden was a CIA plant who weakened the NSA and then posed as a good guy his actions were detrimental to the U.S. military world wide by giving bad actors their tools to infiltrate.

10. weaken conservative base (IRS – Lois Lerner audits of conservative groups; constant attacks from Fake News.

11. flood illegals over border, rig elections, allow illegals to vote, MS 13 operatives come in and murder patriots like Seth Rich. MS 13 and ISIS serve as domestic assets used to assassinate and threaten/take out deep state targets and influential patriots. Open borders served as a demographic replacement and allowed for the installation of puppets through voter fraud.

12. Obama ignored reports from the intel agencies that NK was building nukes…plan was to allow NK to obtain nukes and blackmail Japan and our allies.

13. Stage the supreme court (Scalia was murdered…think Podesta wikeleaks re wetworks). Cabal was going to stack the SC to their favor. Scalia removal, opened door for HRC to offer Sup Ct opening to Lynch if she agreed to drop investigation into HRC);

14. Uranium 1 transfer of 20 % of USA uranium to Russia via Clinton Found., Canada, EU, etc…(uranium provided by Russia to NK and Iran to build nukes).

15. Kill NASA (prevent space domination and disable US Mil/NSA spy satellites ultimate advantage against bad actors in intel collection and secure communication and allow installation of weapons mass destruc from rogue nations/terrorists controlled by DS.

This would have allowed DS and rogue nations to attack via EMP to wipe out our electronic grid and destroy 90% of US population and likely 90% of world);

16. Obama controlled all 3 classes of senate giving the Dems the majority in all their elections – 2011, 2013, 2015

Classified 1-99 could be a reference to the “16 year plan to destroy America”…perhaps there are 99 pages to this memo.

Part 2 (the second 8 years)…the Cabal planned for Hillary to finish off the USA as we know it:

1. HRC planned to ignite WWIII w/Russia and China for population control purposes and to force world into 1 world governance.

2. HRC and cabal stood to make billions off WWIII and capture total control of west and ultimately world; the death and suffering would be real but the war itself somewhat controlled by the DS. Question: how could it be controlled if Russia was involved? I think the DS likely made an agreement with Putin. Yes, @POTUS is working with Putin to bring peace, but don’t forget what Q told us early in the posts…Putin is one of the billionaire elites. Putin was going to control Russia and expand his control and Russia’s dominance over Ukraine, Georgia and other Baltic states…I believe this was the agreement that was in place once the DS began to decimate the US Military.

I think @potus came to power and told Putin he could either switch sides and work with him to destroy the Deep State’s influence and power, or he too would suffer the same fate as the Deep state. Putin decided to work with @Potus.

3. kill economy (Hussein failed eco/job policies);

4. revise constitution;

5. open border permanently;

6. kill 2nd amendment.

7. install leftist judges and kill off challengers (literally kill them off as they did Scalia);

8. remove electoral college; only popular vote which easy to manipulate and control through msm and Soros voting machines;

9. remove funding of military close bases;

Clinton would continue to install rogue operators in military and cut funding and degrade moral completely.

10. Hillary would closer military bases world wide starting first with our base in Rammstein, Germany – which is where we control drones in Middle East and Cent. Asia

11. Hillary planned to take out patriot journalists with dissenting views (solomon, carter, hannity, citizen journalists and social media reporters), and those who were not on payroll of CIA Operation Mockingbird via censorship, removal of ad revenue, and even death.

“Keep them starved”
“Keep them blind”
“Keep them stupid”

HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

3 statements were made by Hillary Clinton that were intercepted on March 13, 2013, demonstrating what she thinks of Black Americans. Sick.

This was the plan of the Cabal. They failed. I do believe @potus will declassify some type of document or memo that essentially spells out these points and shows what the Cabal planned to do to the USA through HRC (finishing up what Hussein started).

This is why we continue to fight. This is why the declass, unsealing of indictments and arrests are taking a while. This is a massive undertaking. Hussein had 8 years to set our Country back massively…had @Potus not won and had the US Military not prevented massive voter fraud of key electoral states, this would be our reality right now. Heavy stuff. Pray and keep fighting! #qanon #wwg1wga

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