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Chicago TEA Party Lead Activist on Sharon Bialek…
Politcal Arena ^ | 11/7/11 | Chuck Norton

Posted on Monday, November 07, 2011 1:43:38 PM by justsaynomore

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

When Sharon Bialek said that he was with Herman Cain at the Chicago TEA Party event with Herman Cain I reached out to one of the key voices and leaders of the Chicago TEA Party C. Steven Tucker and he says “I did not recognize her Chuck and I was there all weekend.”

I have been reaching out to my other friends in the Chicago TEA Party and so far no one recognizes her. Gloria Allred portrayed Bialek as a TEA Party Republican. Having seen her picture Bialek is not someone who goes unnoticed easily.

Tucker comments further:

I have spoken at Tea Party events ALL OVER Chicagoland including TeaCon Midwest 2011 where Gloria Allred says her client “confronted” Herman Cain. I have never seen nor have I ever even heard of a Sharon Bialek.

Bailek has not been seen at any other TEA Party events. Even if she had gone to just one, why go to the one with Herman Cain and no others? It makes no sense.

Sharon Blailek said that this happened in 1996 so where was Blailek when Herman Cain was running for Senate in 2004?

We have been doing internet searches on Sharon Bialek. Her linkedin and all social networking/employer networking sites where her name appears seem to have been scrubbed. When you are telling the truth, why make the attempt to scrub your past?

Speaking of not making sense, why would a supposed Republican TEA Party activist/sympathizer call a known leftist hatchet man like Gloria Allred, as any association with Allred would impune her credibility?


“She was fired from her job, and her boyfriend suggested she contact Cain in hopes he could help her find employment.”.

In this particular incident she was fired for falsely accusing her boss of sexual harassment, a charge denied by co-workers, as well as being pretty much a pain in the ass to work with.

“I remember her as a time-waster, and rabble-rouser. If she didn’t get her way she cried about sexual harassment”.
A former co-worker, a female no less, emailed me.
“She was trouble with a capital “T”
So far, NOTHING BUT CLAIMS without proof but that’s just how the Media likes it. After all Constitutional rights mean nothing to the Media its about OUR DIRTY STORY LINE making us money that’s important. So the biggest mess makes the best story, and fewer the facts the better. If a story has a lot of people making similar claims without real truth to the convolution the story all the better. Its the same old story about the Media, how long will we keep reading this trash before we understand WE ARE THE MEDIAS USEFUL IDIOTS!

The mere fact that the Media has rushed to Cain’s Judgement WHILE THEY IGNORED CLINTON AND OTHER LIBERAL SEX OFFENDERS to me PROVES there’s something wrong with this story and the more women that get involved only proves their attempting to confuse the eye while they fool the mind! Think about it, how perfectly convenient for this to happen so long AFTER Cain started as a Candidate, if it was so bad why wait until he was surging past the leader so much? Why not do him in before that?

Its simple really! Liberal Progressives FROM BOTH PARTIES are livid that a Black Man that WASN’T PICKED by the Leadership for Nomination like Romney was is even showing up, THAT IS WHY THIS WHOLE MESS IS HAPPENING. Don’t get wrong IF HE’S GUILTY ITS A REAL CHARACTER ISSUE FOR TO THINK ABOUT.

My problem is the Hypocrisy of the whole thing from both parties, GUILTY before proof is UN-American to the core and anyone who ascribes to it should be ashamed of themselves. But shame doesn’t register with Progressives for obvious reasons! It really doesn’t matter who the Women are, it doesn’t matter why they complain, IT DOES however MATTER IF IT HAPPENS TO CONVENIENTLY, because that stinks wholesale SET-UP in no uncertain terms.